Digital Distortion Synchronet Doors & BBS Tools

Written by Eric Oulashin
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These are some mods & doors that I have written for Synchronet. These may be freely downloaded and used by Synchronet BBS sysops. For each application listed, you can click the button to show or hide its screenshots. This page contains all screenshots.
To ensure that all of the JavaScript scripts here work properly (particularly, SlyEdit and my login matrix), especially for Synchronet 3.14 and earlier, I advise updating sbbsdefs.js in your Synchronet exec/load directory (and really, all the files from exec/load) to the latest version from the sbbs/exec/load directory in Synchronet's Git repository. You can also download a zip file of all the supporting files for Synchronet (except the binary/executable files) from Vertrauen using this link.

This is a message editor that can mimic the look and feel of IceEdit or DCT Edit. Since SlyEdit is written in JavaScript, it is faster than a DOS-based message editor and can run in any environment in which Synchronet runs, without any modification or being re-compiled. Also supports customizable color themes, taglines, user settings, author initials in quoted lines, cross-posting, file import/export (for the sysop), and text search.
As of Synchronet 3.16, SlyEdit is included with Synchronet. You can also download the latest version of SlyEdit from the Synchronet CVS repository - Download the following: Synchronet's docs directory contains SlyEdit documentation: There is also SlyEdit documentation on the Synchronet wiki here and here.

SlyEdit screenshots
IceEdit styleDCT Edit style

Digital Distortion Message Reader
version 1.64    2023-02-09   • This can be downloaded from Synchronet's Git repository.
This is a message reader script that provides an alternate message reader interface for Synchronet. The reader interface allows scrolling the message up & down, navigating through the message list using the left & right arrow keys, listing messages in the sub-board, and changing to a different sub-board. Text search is supported when changing to a different sub-board. Message searching & scanning and batch message delete are also supported. Lightbar interfaces are supported for the message list and area chooser. If the user's terminal does not support ANSI, the reader will fall back to a more traditional user interface for the reader, message list, and area chooser. This supports the voting feature and avatars added in Synchronet 3.17. Also, this scan be set up as a Loadable Module in Synchronet to be used for message reading, scanning, and listing.

Digital Distortion Message Reader screenshots
Reader interfaceMessage list
Choosing a sub-boardAvatar display (1.17 beta)

version 1.11    2021-04-02    • This can be downloaded from Synchronet's Git repository.
SlyVote is a voting booth door for Synchronet 3.17+ that allows users to post and vote on poll topics, and view the results. It uses the messagebase poll voting feature added in Synchronet 3.17.

SlyVote screenshots
Main screenReading poll results

File Lister (new)
version 2.09    2023-02-25  -  This can be downloaded from Synchronet's Git repository.
This is a file lister that, for ANSI-capable terminals, uses a lightbar interface for listing files in the user's current file area. It can also do file searching, display information about a file, add files to the user's batch download queue, and for the sysop, allows deleting files and moving files to another filebase. This file lister makes use of the user's extended description setting for whether or not to display extended descriptions for files on the main screen when listing files.
As of Synchronet 3.20 (built on February 25, 2023 and newer), there are some loadable module settings for files, and my file lister can be used for the Scan Dirs and List Files loadable module settings. The advantage to that is that the file lister would be used from standard command shells and standard file list/search commands/functions.
The header at the top of the screen and the command bar at the bottom are styled similarly to WarezTag!, a file listing door that was made in the 1990s for RemoteAccess (one of my favorite file listing mods).
This requires Synchronet 3.19b or newer, as it uses the new JavaScript FileBase class that was added, to give JavaScript access to Synchronet's file areas. For earlier versions of Synchronet, my older file lister mod is still available.

File Lister (new) screenshots
Listing filesViewing file info

File Lister (old)
version 1.00    2009-07-13  -  Download link:
This is a file listing mod with a lightbar prompt and a custom header above the file listing. This is styled similarly to WarezTag!, a file listing door that was made for RemoteAccess (one of my favorite file listing mods in the 1990s). This file lister is written in Baja and was based on Vanguard's SpyLister v2.0B.

File Lister screenshots
Normal user (non-sysop) optionsWith sysop options

Door stats web page
version 1.02    2024-07-18  -  Download link:
This is a web page for Synchronet's web server that displays door usage stats using graphical charts.

Door Stats Web screenshot

Archive Viewer
version 1.04    2022-05-14  -  This can be downloaded from Synchronet's Git repository.
This is a script that lets users list files inside of archives (ZIP, RAR, etc.). The user can navigate the list (using a lightbar or traditional user interface), view files inside the archive, and download files from inside the archive. The user can also list the files of archives within archives.

Archive Viewer screenshots
Lightbar interfaceTraditional interface

Login Matrix
version 1.25    2024-07-07  -  Download link: DDLM_125.ZIP
This is a login matrix that is designed to be configurable to your own liking. A "login matrix" displays a menu of options when the user connects, as an alternative to the more traditional login procedure.
This login matrix was written in JavaScript. These are its features:
Login Matrix screenshots
Login menuUsername and password prompt

Area Choosers
version 1.22    2022-02-12    • This can be downloaded from Synchronet's Git repository.
These are scripts (written in JavaScript) that let the user choose their message area and file directory, using a lightbar or traditional user interface, with customizable colors. Also allows a header ANSI/ASC to be displayed above the area list. Additionally, the message area chooser lists latest post dates & times for each message sub-board.

Area chooser screenshots
Choosing a message groupChoosing a message sub-board
Choosing a file libraryChoosing a file directory

Upload Processor
version 1.01    2022-06-08  -  This can be downloaded from Synchronet's Git repository or from Digital Distortion:
This is an upload processor for Synchronet (written in JavaScript) that can be configured to use a virus scanner to scan uploads, as well as extract compressed files to scan the files inside the compressed file.

Upload Processor screenshot

Sudoku Solver
version 1.00    2009-11-14  -  Download link:
This is a door program that can solve Sudoku puzzles. It uses a brute-force algorithm that can solve any Sudoku puzzle. The algorithm came from Wikipedia.

Sudoku Solver screenshot

List Today's Callers
version 1.08    2023-03-20  -  Download link:
This script lists the day's callers in a colored, formatted table. The list can be sorted alphabetically, and the colors can be easily changed by the sysop (by editing the script). This is a designed as a replacement for Synchronet's Last Few Callers functionality. The script can also generate the caller list in an HTML table for use with the web.

List Today's Callers screenshots
ANSI TextHTML table (web)

List All Users
version 1.13    2023-02-22  -  Download link:
This script lists all users in a colored, formatted table, similar to the List Today's Callers script. The colors can be easily changed by the sysop (by editing the script). Also, as of Synchronet 3.20, this script can be set up as the new List Users loadable module so that it will run any time a user lists users from any command shell with the standard command, etc. This script also supports listing the users in a web page.

List All Users screenshots
Top of the listBottom of the list

HTML External Program Lister
Release date: 2011-01-29  -  Download link: dd_HTXPL.ZIP
This is a server-side JavaScript script for Synchronet that outputs a web page listing the installed doors on the system in an HTML table. Styles can be configured via a CSS file.

Animated Pause script
version 1.0    2023-03-19  -  Download link:
A script that displays animated pause prompt text. Customizable with various options via a configuration file.

Door Configuration Copier
version 1.01    2011-04-25  -  Download link:
Many BBS doors require a separate configuration file for each node. Often, the only difference in the configuration files is the path to the drop file. This is a tool designed to ease the setup of the node configuration files for a BBS door - You create the first, and this will make copies of it for your other nodes with the correct drop file paths. Win32, DOS, and OS/2 versions are included, and the source code is included so it can be compiled on other platforms.